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About Us

Founded in 1973 as a ... restaurant and nightclub, after many years in 1997 is completely renovated and transformed into a cozy Residence, near the sea but far from the city noise and confusion. Nestled in a lush green and the symphony of chirping birds.

Our idea of hospitality ... is the familiar

They talked about US ....


Our structure, recommended as a holiday resort.

magazine article "in Viaggio"


              certifies our structure,

                like the best from 2012

Dear friends .....

BEWARE of the many reviews when you visit the site TRIPADVISOR.

Unfortunately, there are agencies that specialize in selling many Hotel packages of fake reviews, to give the opportunity to be immediately visible and more easily sell their product, circumventing many unaware. When you find a structure to your liking ... trust your instinct is always the best.

Happy holidays

We do not use the aid of any specialized agency,

our judgments are testimonials from real guests.

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